In 2008, the Richard Blanchette and Son farm was affected by hoof disease which spreads quickly and can become uncontrollable in a herd. Due to misuse of antibiotics, the bacteria responsible for the disease developed a resistance to them and despite higher doses, the disease continued to grow. Discouraged by this vicious circle, the farm owners began research to find an alternative solution and discovered at the beginning of 2009, a range of products by the Dutch company Intracare: Intra Hoof-Sol. They began testing the gel and liquid on their ailing herd and were happy to see that the trial was successful at all levels: the disease subsided and due to the products not containing antibiotics and being non-toxic, it is safe for the animal, the environment and humans. More than satisfied with this discovery, Yannick Blanchette, one of the firm's shareholders, and his wife, Eve Vadnais, parents of five children, engaged in translating and marketing the Hoof-Sol products to promote them in French-speaking countries and to share the benefits of the product with their colleagues. 

For over 10 years, Intra Hoof-Sol has developed a distribution network in 82 countries around the world. In Holland, the country of origin, more than 80% of the 16,000 farms use Hoof-Sol products. This global success only encouraged Yannick and Eve to develop the North American Francophone market. Since 2010, confidence in Hoof-Sol products has continued to grow due to its successful results. Several professional farriers support our products, and our area of ?? expertise never ceases to improve. Today SABOT SOLUTION offers the full range of Hoof-Sol products. In addition, we have added to our products aluminum hoofed disks and titanium and wood blocks. Through our distributors, we would like to effectively supply you with this product. The Hoof-Sol products are a guarantee of optimal hoof condition!