In 2008, Ferme Richard Blanchette et fils de La Presentation was grappling with hoof disease, which was spreading and becoming uncontrollable within its herd. Overuse of antibiotics has caused the bacteria responsible for this disease to develop resistance to them. Despite the increase in doses, it became impossible to obtain an optimal result. Discouraged by this vicious circle, the owners of the farm started researching to find an alternative solution and discovered, at the beginning of 2009, a range of Dutch products from the company IntraCare: the Intra Hoof-Sol range. So they put the gel and fluid to the test on their ailing herd. The owners are happy to see that the test is conclusive on all levels: the disease resolves and no withdrawal period from the animal is necessary since the products are all without antibiotics in addition to being non-toxic and free. dangers for animals, the environment and humans. More than satisfied with this discovery, Yannick Blanchette, one of the shareholders of the farm, as well as his wife, Eve Vadnais, parents of five children, Lorieve, Yanéric, Aivie, Yuric and Yanovic, embark on translation and marketing. Hoof-Sol products in order to promote these products in French-speaking territory and to share the goods made from them among their fellow producers.

Intra Hoof-Sol has more than 10 years of existence and has developed a distribution network in 82 countries around the world. In Holland, his country of origin, more than 80% of the 16,000 farms use Hoof-Sol products. This worldwide success only encourages Yannick and Eve to develop the French-speaking North American market.

  From 2010 to today, there is a continuous growth in confidence in Hoof-Sol products thanks to the success of the results obtained. Several professional clog cutters have bonded with us, and our field of expertise never stops improving. Today, SABOT SOLUTION offers you the full range of Hoof-Sol products. In addition, we have added aluminum and titanium shoe discs as well as wooden blocks to our products. Through our distributors, we want to supply you as efficiently as possible. Hoof-Sol products are a guarantee of quality for optimal hoof condition!