# 1098 Lance for MATABI Evolution 7
#1098 Lance for MATABI Evolution 7


# 743 Complete handle for MATABI sprayer
# 743 Complete lever for MATABI sprayer 


MATABI 5 liters
The Matabi Applicator is a robust, compact, compressed air sprayer with a strong polypropylene tank. The unit comes with a directional filtered lance, ergonomic handle and a flexible hose. This applicator is used for spraying the Hoof Sol Liquid Solution (L4110E and the L4105E).    Packaging for this item: 1...


# 742 hose for MATABI
# 742 hose for Matabi 


Hoof trimming stencil
Universal measure for standard trimming. Bright color to avoid losing it !!


Wrap away with handle
24 inches wooden handle with stanless steel blade. Ideal to remove bandages safely.


Straight bone gouge
Straight bone gouge made with premium stanless steel.


Hoof test
Robust design premium stanles steel. Ideal for detecting injuries under horn.


Wrap Away
WrapAway is the ultimate tool to remove wraps without getting hurt. The NEW WrapAway is now in stock!


200 liters pump
Ezi-action® 200/55 Drum Pumps have provided safe, effortless dispensing since their conception in 1991.Empties all contents from container.Dispensing 400 ml per stroke.Secures into the drum opening with an Ezi-action® M Adapter Fitting. Learn moreVertical location of pump in the drum means no bending and no risk of back injury or...


Intra Spray fit
Finally, the Intra spray fit is able to handle a high viscosity product that sticks very well to the hoof while maintaining an optimum spray spectrum. The great advantage of spraying compared to the foot bath is that the last cow in the trade show always receives clean treatment rather...


# 726 Elbow with nozzle for MATABI Evolution 7 sprayer
#726 for MATABI Evolution 7 # 726


# 1101 Main Cap MATABI Evolution 7
#1101 for MATABI Evolution 7


# 165 one way valve MATABI Evolution 7
# 165 one way valve for MATABI Evolution 7


# 164 pressure Gasket MATABI Evolulvetion 7
  # 164 pressure Gasket MATABI Evolulvetion 7