Intra Multi-Des GA 10L

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Multi-Des GA

Versatile disinfectant with 5 active ingredients. Effective against bacteria,viruses and yeasts. Already effective at 0.2% for bacteria and 0.75% for viruses. State-of-the-art disinfectant for the toughest farming conditions. Strong properties of residual action and wettability. 

Protocol and use: 

1. Dry cleaning Sweep clean area: remove all coarse dirt not tied (manure, dust, cobwebs)

2. Wet cleaning High pressure washing or misting systems integrated to pre-impregnate all the dirt that clings.

3. Soaking detergent

Use a concentration of Intra Foam Cleaner of 2% (1 to 3%), preferably at min. 150 bar, with a foam lance in a thin layer on the surfaces and let stand. The minimum contact time is 20 minutes, the maximum contact time is 1 hour.

4. Wash High pressure washing to remove dissolved dirt. Pay special attention to pits and other water exit points to prevent puddles from forming.

5. Drying Allow the surfaces to dry.

6. Disinfection Start disinfection with Intra Multi-Des GA

SPRAY Target Pathogen Concentration:

0.2% Bacteria, yeasts (2 L per 1000 L of water)

0.75% virus (7.5 L per 1000 L of water)

MIST 1 L Intra Multi-Des GA + 4 L of water



10L format


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