Intra Spray fit

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Finally, the Intra Spray fit is able to handle a high viscosity product that sticks very well to the hoof while maintaining an optimal spray spectrum. The big advantage of spraying over footbathing is that the last cow in the milking parlor always gets a clean treat rather than a dirty footbath.

- Simple and cost effective installation
- Clean and consistent product from the first to the last cow
- Hoof care for monitoring problem cows
- 60 ° spray angle: spray between the hooves
- Targeted method: no waste of product

Overview of use

On average, the Intra Spray fit uses 10ml per clog using 50% solution Hoof Sol Liquid and 50% water. We recommend weekly spraying of the rear of all hind legs in the herd. This preventive treatment allows control of the management of hoof care.

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